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Question 1 Can I continue to get my Group commission next year even without renewing Growth Package / Lifestyle Package for self and without helping my personally sponsored Associates to renew the same package?
Answer In order to earn Group Commission there is no need to add more self-sponsored associates. As ELS already mention that there is NO RENEWAL for continued earns commissions in the next year. Please note that company is working very hard to Teach / Motivate / Help and Facilitate Learning through its courses to its Purchasing / Selling Associates, so you may contact us for any query / help.
Question 2 I have sent the Cost of a Growth Package / Lifestyle Package through Demand Draft / Online (Net Banking / Debit Card or Credit Card) but the status shows that my account is still not activated?
Answer It means you might have not approved. For the approval of yourself a form is given in your account section. So firstly verified it.
Question 3 I have wrongly entered my Username. How can I change it?
Answer Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over.
Question 4 I have not submitted the photocopy of my PAN card. Would I be eligible to receive my commission Cheques / TDS certificate?
Answer Yes, you will be getting payouts but only up to maximum of INR 5,000/- without your PAN card (As per Govt. Regulations). If more payout is generated then it would be showing in your account but will be transferred only after you will update your PAN card proofs.
Question 5 Is it necessary to follow all Instructions/Legal/FAQs as mentioned on Company’s Official website
Answer Yes, all ELS Associates are supposed to perform their activities in accordance with the Instructions/Legal/FAQs/T&C/Disclaimer. Any unexpected outcome due to non following of Company’s Code of Conduct would be responsibility of the particular.
Question 6 Is it possible to recover my password in case I lost it?
Answer Yes, in genuine lost case of your password company provides you the facility to recover your password. You just have to click on Forgot Password option, You will get an Email in your registered Email id, informing you about your password.